Leadership Judgement Assessor (LJA), Single Candidate Administration

Leadership Judgement Assessor (LJA), Single Candidate Administration

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Dynamic assessment of leadership judgementSingle administration of the LJA allows the Consultatnt to give one Candidate access to the LJA. 

Following completion, the Consultant can download a Statistical Report, a Narrative report and gain access to up to 10 separate Concise Reports, one for every scenario the Candidate has entered (the Candidate also has had access to these as they progress through the LJA). 

The reports are useful for criterion based interviewing for they make the candidate’s thinking process for each scenario open to investigation.  Interview or presentation also reveals the extent to which the candidate is able to resolve the cognitive dissonance produced by the conflict between the style they expected and the style their logic produced.

The LJA produces a wealth of information, including:

  • The Candidate’s overall performance across the LJA – their leadership judgement
  • The extent to which they were able to improve their judgement after being given feedback – their ability or willingness to develop their leadership judgement
  • Their competence in each of the four leadership styles and orientations – providing a focus for intervention
  • Their dominant thought process about power, participation and control
  • Their under and over-use of the situational judgement leadership questions

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