The Party

The Party

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An active, experiential exercise which helps participants explore different leadership styles as they relate to different teams and different tasks.  It provides engaging training for between 9 and 14 participants.  The duration of the exercise is approximately 30 to 40 minutes and the learning review takes between 20 and 40 minutes.

The exercise provides participants with the opportunity either to lead or be led through three distinct types of task, each of which operates to a tight timescale:

  • Presents – working to a tightly defined specification, this task replicates the situation where a leader has unique knowledge and the team need help to complete the task successfully.
  • Party Food – an open, creative task where the leader’s role is to encourage the greatest participation from the team.
  • Party Games – a creative team task but with certain defined standards of performance where the leader needs to allocate resources carefully.

The Party Pack contains all the necessary materials to run the exercise an infinite number of times, including full administration directions, reusable participant briefs and materials.  It also contains review and debriefing guidance.

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