Parenting Judgement Indicator (PJI), Personal Insight Report

Parenting Judgement Indicator (PJI), Personal Insight Report

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This is a written report, usually about 12 pages in length.  The report is structured as follows:

  1. Preference across the four parenting styles – this describes how much you were drawn to each style compared with other parents.  This will help you think about the pros and cons of over and under using each style.
  2. Judgement in choosing the four parenting styles – this section describes whether you used each style to suit the situation when you completed the PJI.  This feedback may help you decide where you want to focus in developing your parenting decision making. 
  3. How Preference impacts on Judgement – this describes how your Preference for each style influences your Judgement when using it.
  4. Validity of findings – this section shows how much confidence you can put on the findings.

This detailed report will give you important clues to understanding your style of parenting.  It will give you pointers about your approach to parenting that can help you and your children in the future.

This report is also a very good discussion document if you choose to share it with other people.  This can be really useful if you and your partner want to be more consistent in your approach to parental decision making with the children.  The report will give you lots to talk about and lots to help you.

Download a sample copy of the PJI Personal Insight Report to see how valuable it will be to you.

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