Parenting Judgement Indicator (PJI), Personal Profile Report

Parenting Judgement Indicator (PJI), Personal Profile Report

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The Profile Report is divided into two main parts – a profile chart and a description of the four parenting styles.

The descriptions of the four styles will help you understand more about them and what impact they tend to have if they are over or under used.  The profile chart shows how you compare with other parents who have completed the PJI.

The profile chart will give you feedback about:

  • the extent to which each of the four approaches to decision making with children appealed to you and
  • whether you used the approach in situations where it is most effective.

This report will help you think about ways to develop your parenting decision making.  If you and your partner separately complete the PJI, it can help you both develop a more harmonious approach in decision making with the children. 

This is a particularly good report to help you both compare your styles and develop greater consistency between you.  Your children will appreciate this.  Download a sampe copy of the PJI Profile Report to confirm how helpful it will be.

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