Global - Leadership Judgement Indicator (G-LJI), Manual Supplement

Global - Leadership Judgement Indicator (G-LJI), Manual Supplement

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Mick Lock, co-author of the G-LJIThe G-LJI manual is a supplement to the primary LJI-2 manual. It gives additional information about the development of the G-LJI as well as key information necessary for interpretation and feedback, including the nature of the target population and the norm group. 

This manual also describes the binary coding technique used in the calculation of the G-LJI’s impressive Alpha of 0.85.

The six case studies are useful as they illustrate a range of applications where the G-LJI can be a particularly effective intervention. 

Test users should also note that the Appendix includes the facilitator’s notes for a high-performance leader development workshop.


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