Global - Leadership Judgement Indicator (G-LJI), Personal Insight Report

Global - Leadership Judgement Indicator (G-LJI), Personal Insight Report

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Mick Lock. co-author of the G-LJIWe developed the scenarios in the G-LJI in collaboration with a large multi-national chemicals company and then trialled the G-LJI with several other multi-national companies. After completing the G-LJI the test-taker will be benchmarked against leaders operating in these global companies.  It will show how the  leadership judgement and preferences of the test-taker compare with people who have to show cultural adaptability when working with and through reporting colleagues in large, complex organisations.  Anybody working at a senior level in any organisation, or aspiring to do so, will find feedback from G-LJI completion invaluable. 

The Personal Plus Report is our premium report which provides detailed feedback on performance in all areas of leadership judgement and preference.  The report also includes a personal development planning process, which aids the person in designing a development plan based upon the findings.  It is a stand-alone report that should be used by test-takers in high-stakes, high-performance and senior executive development settings. This report is the recommended precursor to Coach on the Desktop (CotD) or the Personal Leadership Development Programme as it enables well-defined behavioural objectives to be set. Integrating LJI completion with the Personal Leadership Development Programme demonstrates the integrated and coherent nature of Formula 4 Leadership's product range.

Download a sample G-LJI Personal Insight Report to establish how ell it will meet your needs. 

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