Leadership Decision Navigator (LDN) - Focus

Leadership Decision Navigator (LDN) - Focus

Brand: Formula 4 Leadership
Product Code: LDN-001
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LDN - Focus

Have access to the LDN for seven days so that you can focus on one leadership decision.  This is time enough to explore, consider and debate the various permutations, possibilities and sequential steps in the decision process. Use this focused access for taking a one-off look at a situation to check your logic. 

You may also choose to do this before considering a more extended use of the LDN for the Individual Annual License or Enterprise use.  In the latter case, you may ask several key decision makers to access the LDN in this concentrated form so that they can gauge and confirm its utility.

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE VERY SOON - signal your interest in purchasing the LJN when it becomes available by writing to us.

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