Leadership Decision Navigator (LDN) - Enterprise

Leadership Decision Navigator (LDN) - Enterprise

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LDN - Enterprise

If you introduce the LDN into your business, and you get a critical mass of leaders planning and rehearsing their styles with the same forethought, you will make an impact on organisational culture and well-being that will be culturally meaningful and self-sustaining. Research shows that when the number of committed opinion holders grows above 10% in any population, the idea spreads like a flame.  This is the tipping point, as is shown in this academic article.

Enterprise use of the LDN allows you to purchase access to the software for selected groups of leaders who can act as change agents within your organisational culture.  This group of early adopters can lead the way in transforming your culture and so enhancing how people use power and involvement with much greater discernment.  This can enhance organisational health, population well-being and have significant impact on productivity, as the link clearly shows (the LDN is a development of the Vroom & Yetton model).

Within a very short space of time your leaders will be integrating the logic used by the very best of leaders into your own organisational leadership decision making.

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